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November 9, 2010

Re: Avon Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow, select shades and codes (see below)

Dear Avon Customer:

This letter is to advise you that select shades of Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow
were produced with missing or incorrect ingredients. Therefore, Avon is conducting
an urgent recall of this product.

This product was featured in the Avon Brochures, beginning with Brochure 20.

The Shade Name and Lot Code of Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow affected by this recall
can be found on the label on the bottom of the product.

The shade being recalled because it contains an incorrect color pigment ingredient is:

• Violet Dusk Codes: MGA01, MG301, MG401, MHD01, MIG01, MIH01, MJA01, MJB01.

The shades being recalled for missing preservative ingredients are as follows:
• Platinum Codes: MH501, MIA01, MH101, MIN01, MJB01, MJD01, MJE01,
MJS01, MJT01;
• Rose Satin Codes: MIO01, MIN01, MJT01;
• Tiger’s-Eye Codes: MHQ01, MH501, MIA01, MI301, MJD01, MJE01, MJS01,
MJR01, MJY01;
• Iced Mocha…