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Great new products for you!

I am excited about two great new products with Avon, and I hope you will be too.

First of all is the new  ANEW Emulsions line.  Engineered to help replenish skin's moisture and maintain it's youthful structure.  Take the Emulsions challenge:  Whatever your age, look up to 5 years younger in just 14 days!!!  These intensive time-transcending night moisturizers are customized by age and are each fortified with a powerful polypeptide complex that visibly repairs early, moderate or advanced signs of aging,.

NIGHT SAPPHIRE EMULSION:  From the Anew Rejuvenate line - Age 30+.  ($30.00)
   - Pore Strength Booster designed to help strengthen pores to keep their shape
   - Sapphire Polypeptide Complex engineered to help replenish skins' moisture & maintain it's youthful structure

NIGHT STERLING EMULSION:  From the Anew Reversalist Line - Age 40+ ($32.00)
   - Activin Boosters formulated to help reactivate skin's repair process
   - Sterling Polypeptide Complex engineered to hel…