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The Shelf Life of Cosmetics

Keep track of how long you've had your beauty products, for two good reasons: To be sure they are still effective and to assess their possible contamination with bacteria that can cause rashes or infection. Save this handy guide. (Data gathered from various sources on the internet as well as cosmetic companies)

FOUNDATION: up to 2 years - Throw out sooner it the pigment has started to change or the consistency becomes clumpy.

LIPSTICK: 1 1/2 to 2 years - When the waxes eventually dry out, you'll feel a loss of the slip that makes application easy.

MASCARA: 3 months - Because the process of applying involves moving the wand from lashes to bottle and back, the risk of introducing bacteria is high. A new tube every three months is simply sensible eye hygiene.

EYE SHADOW: 3 years - If either powder or cream varieties exhibit an odor or a color or texture change, discard sooner.

LIP AND EYE PENCILS: 2 years - If the pencil starts to stick and get more difficult to use, it's…