Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sheet Face Masks and Big Bang Theory

On a recent episode of the hit TV series, "Big Bang Theory", Penny and Raj were using facial sheet masks. Now, the show has not made a statement as to which brand they are, but having used our sheet masks, they do look very similar.

Our Anew Sheet Masks are less expensive than other well known brands out there.  

Soaked in serum, the masks adhere to the contours of your face to deliver an intense infusion of ingredients for enhanced benefits.  And, the results are instant!  It is a great way to boost your beauty routine!

You can choose from either the Firming Sheet Mask with Royal Jelly Essence OR the Brightening Sheet Mask with White Pearl Essence.

Either way, you get a package of 4 for an introductory price of $24.99!

Stop by my estore today to order yours now.  Just visit

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