Friday, January 8, 2016

It's National Bubble Bath Day!

Over 20 years ago when my children were little my husband and I started something of a routine where on Friday nights I could have a little "me" time.   I would run a bubble bath, grab a book, maybe some candles and a glass of wine and lock the door. The kids were not allowed to bug mom, and in the busy life we had this was the best 30 minutes to an hour I had all week.

I grew up on Avon and therefore on Avon bubble bath.  It's always been my favorite and when I do buy something else, it's never as good.

That's why today's deal is so exciting to me.  You get a FREE Lavender Garden Bubble Delight bubble bath when you place a $40 order at

Like all the other Avon bubble bath scents, this smells so good, and it doesn't leave an oily film in your tub or on your skin.

It's time to pamper yourself don't you think?  

This is a GREAT time to join Avon!!!

We got notified yesterday by Avon of this TERRIFIC new incentive for new representatives.  If you sign up to sell Avon between July 11th and...