Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do you have memories of going to the Drive-In?

I remember going to the drive-in as a child in Michigan, and then again, as a young adult in Tucson with my now-husband. Great times and with technology improving, drive-in's are struggling to keep up with the times. The movie industry is forcing all drive-in's to be digital in 2013 and many cannot afford to do that. Our local drive-in, The Harvest Moon, is raising funds all summer long, with various events, concerts, etc, to help raise the $150,000 or more they need to upgrade their equipment. I am hosting an online fundraiser to help, by donating a portion of ALL my sales through the end of September to their cause. You can find out more by visiting my website and clicking on the ONLINE EVENTS tab. You just follow the instructions there, and use the code MOVIES2012 at check out and your purchase will count. Or, if you live in my local delivery area, contact me and your personal delivery order will count as well. Watch my facebook page, as I may hold contests, etc as well. Do you have any ideas? Any great stories to tell? Any questions? Let me know! Thank you for reading, and helping keep our American traditions alive.

This is a GREAT time to join Avon!!!

We got notified yesterday by Avon of this TERRIFIC new incentive for new representatives.  If you sign up to sell Avon between July 11th and...