Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing Avon Healthy Makeup and so much more for Campaign 20

What is healthy?  A new color collection designed to enhance the key signs of healthy skin

     - Hydration - Moisture helps keep in essential nutrients so skin looks fresh
     - Texture - Smooth, silky skin allows color to go on evenly and look naturally flawless
     - Radiance - Radiant color makes your entire look come alive

Healthy Makeup contains Triple Vitamin & Antioxidant complex infused with skin-loving nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E, pomegranate and olive leaf.

Our products in this new line are:

- Healthy Makeup Liquid Foundation SPF 10
- Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation
- Healthy Makeup Lipstick SPF 15
- Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow

Many great shades, all at introductory prices and now available in Campaign 20.

Click brochure to browse

Avon is starting to gear up for the holidays.  You will notice the beautiful colors in jewelry and fashion.

There are a number of great sales, such as $1.99 shower gel on the back cover.  We are also introducing the new Glazed Apple and Walnut fragrance in the Naturals products.  

The mini's are back.....Hand lotions; bubble baths and shampoos.  Great for traveling with or for stocking stuffers.

And introducing Avon's Jeggings....or 5 pocket Stretch Denim Leggings.  Skinnier than skinny jeans.  More flexible than denim.  More fashionable than plain leggings.  At major department stores a pair of jeggings could be as much as $79.99 but in campaign 20, a pair is just $19.99.  

So, browse the brochure above, and if anything catches your eye, visit my website to place your order.

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