Avon is helping all over the world!

BeadforLife bracelets are made from colorful recycled paper by impoverished Ugandan women who earn money to lift their families out of poverty. Each bead is hand-rolled and unique. The beaders can spend their earnings on food, medicine, housing and school fees. 92% have opened a business or built a home during their membership.

Because our jewelry is handmade from recycled paper, each bead is unique. Variations in the size and color of our jewelry items reflect the uniqueness of the woman who made them. Various beads on stretch bracelet. One size fits most.

Help BeadforLife create sustainable opportunities for hardworking Ugandan women by buying and wearing these beautiful beads. When you buy BeadforLife beads you help to create a better world a world away.


I have ONE (1) of the tan bracelets (the middle one) sitting on my desk as we speak.  If you are interested, please let me know. They are $10.00 a piece.  This one can me mailed out ASAP since I already have one!

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