Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 reasons why you should shop online with Avon

When shopping you can:

1.  Read the ingredients of each product (Avon books do not have that).

2.  Find out what other customers have to say about a product.

3.  Review products yourself.

4  Chat live online with me if I am logged in to the site.

5.  Get questions answered fast via email.

6.  Take a skin care quiz to find the best skin care products.

7.  Give yourself a virtual makeover. 

8.  Customers NEVER pay for shipping at my site for I provide the coupon REPFS that removes standard shipping charges.

9.  Become an Electronic hostess for an E-party and earn FREE Avon for friends that place orders.

10.  Raise funds for a cause online through setting up an E-event.  You do not even have to live in the same area as me to hold these!

So visit my website today at and register.  Besides if you are a regular visitor to my blog you will know I sometimes give gifts away to my loyal customers and do raffles to those who order from my site.  And who can resist a free gift? Not me!

This is a GREAT time to join Avon!!!

We got notified yesterday by Avon of this TERRIFIC new incentive for new representatives.  If you sign up to sell Avon between July 11th and...