My history with Avon

Someone asked me today how long I have been affiliated with Avon. Well, as an Independent Sales Representative, since October 2006, but as a customer, well, that goes back as far as I can remember.

See, my mother sold Avon. I had the cute collectible perfume decanters (I still have some of them) and wore Sweet Honesty, and all my jewelry was Avon.

As I grew up, on on my own, I tried to find a rep everywhere the military led us. I had some negative experiences, but never let those reps discourage me from buying the products I had trusted so much over the years.

So in October 2005, having just moved to South Carolina courtesy of the US Air Force I started the long (and discouraging) process of job hunting. Fast forward a year and I am at a local job fair, still looking for a job in the field of Medical Administration which I had been working in for years. At the job fair there were numerous tables from employers in the area. Most were factory jobs. Then I saw the Avon table. I walked around a few times, contemplating, before finally signing up.

Now, here I am. I will admit I am my best customer and sometimes I have to remind myself to watch how much I spend, but it's because I love the products.

Some of my favorites are SuperFULL mascara; the mineral makeup and the eye makeup remover. I am always trying out the new products and I still wear the jewelry.

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